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 Their senior class voted Poppy The Girl Most Likely to Never Graduate from her Waitress Job at her hometown café, and nerdy, science prodigy Heath The Most Likely to Blow Something Up.
Fast-forward ten years. Grown-up Heath has parlayed his genius for chemistry into a wildly successful microbrewery. And—just when their childhood friendship is finally maturing beyond sharing endless plates full of French fries—Poppy has been offered a
position as a lady sommelier at a high-end restaurant in the city.
But there’s a catch. Poppy has a problem that could keep her from landing her dream job. A problem that Heath promises to help her overcome, even at the risk of losing her forever . . .

Dear Readers, with the new season comes the launch of a new book featuring the hard-working, high-spirited men and women of Oregon wine country. If you read THE CRUSH then you’ve already had a brief introduction to Poppy and Heath. Their story is now here!

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